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Pleasant Valley Harvest – Proposed Use and Operation


Pleasant Valley Harvest is a proposed development to construct a mixed use building with a bake shop, indoor and outdoor special events area, market space for orchard products, lodging and space to allow indoor and outdoor special events like weddings, small concerts, both corporate and charitable events, and family reunions. Total capacity for special events would not exceed 250 people. Proposed improvements would include a mixed use building, sign structure at entrance for show, 1 toilet room, outdoor special events area, a new single family dwelling, and observation tower. Existing improvements include a single family dwelling to be converted into a second dwelling unit or agricultural employee housing, wells, septic system, orchards, and agricultural barn. The site is located on the east side of Bucks Bar Road south of the intersection with Pleasant Valley Road in the Pleasant Valley area.

Pleasant Valley Harvest is a Ranch Marketing  project that provides a "Day In The Country" for the enjoyment of groups of people, such as family, corporate retreats, school groups, etc. Our slogan is “FRIENDS AND FAMILY SHARING THE FRUIT OF THE HARVEST”. The tree and vine ripe crops organically grown on site will be sold on and off site and will be the primary draw for the Ranch Marketing atmosphere we will create.  The operation will be clean and neat.  The employees will be trained in customer service to provide a relaxing experience for all visitors.  We will always provide the best possible value to our customers, and we want every dollar spent with us to be well spent.  We also create and nurture healthy, creative, respectful, and fun work environment in which our employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the product we produce.  We seek fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term and to fairly compensate owners and investors for their money and risk.

Pleasant Valley Harvest is located 2.1 miles south of Pleasant Valley Road on Bucks Bar Rd on 88 acres of some of the best agricultural soils in El Dorado county CA.  APN: 046-270-19.  As of 2006 we have planted approximately 7 acres of 52 different varieties of fruit trees and berries which should begin seeing some production in the fall of 2007 with full production by 2012.  The property lies within the boundaries of the Pleasant Valley Agriculture District of El Dorado County. Our name "Pleasant Valley Harvest" derives from the name of this Ag district.  Under various provisions of the El Dorado County Code (PA zoning, Ag District overlay, and the Ranch Marketing Ordinance) We propose to build the following structures and facilities 

The main building will have three levels. The lowest level will be approximately 4800 sq ft and will include the "Harvest" market as well as storage including cold storage for the on site fruit and berry enterprise.

The main floor will be approximately 4800 sq ft and will have a bake shop, accessible restrooms, Bride and Groom room’s, office and storage space. The main floor will accommodate up to 250 people for events and will be known as the "Harvest Lodge”.  The loft area will hold a 1200 sq. ft. living area that will be used at various times as a residence for the owners, an agricultural homestay facility and as a single family agricultural dormitory.

Exterior to the main building we will build an accessible sanitary toilet rooms for use by outside guests and ranch marketing customers. Outside the lodge level there will be a patio for outdoor events and a sitting wall for pleasant conversation.  Behind the sitting wall will be a picnic lawn and an observation tower with a uni-sex toilet in the base.  The base of the tower will also house the U-Pick fruit and berry sales area 

Crossing a covered bridge, a foot path from the "Harvest Lodge" area will take customers to the "Harvest Island".  The "Harvest Island" will be developed with an outdoor picnic area. A small pond will grace the shores of the Harvest Island.

Parking lots to accommodate approximately 150 cars will be developed using a main overflow parking lot and a secondary overflow parking which will also be the site for Christmas tree sales.

The Main entry road will have a simulated covered bridge sign structure to mark arrival at Pleasant Valley Harvest.

  1. In the Ranch Marketing Enterprise we are selling fruits, berries, vegetables, pumpkins, and Christmas trees, as well as renting space to vendors of handicrafts.  The "Harvest Market" will provide in season tree and vine ripe fruit and berries. The customer for the ranch marketing enterprise will be able to use the main parking lot to access the  "Harvest Market" repeat customers will be able to get in and get out conveniently and quickly.  The customer seeking a boutique experience will be able to enjoy the unique day in the country experience we are creating in addition to purchasing the very freshest fruits and berries and vegetables. Some of the amenities include a hiking path, U-Pick operation, picnic areas, and observation tower. These customers will be coming to Pleasant valley Harvest as a destination and will spend time at the site, perhaps buying food at a prepared food stand


  1. In the Harvest Lodge Enterprise we are offering space for events such as family reunions, corporate meetings, wedding receptions etc.  The customer for the lodge will typically be an event planner who needs a venue for a group of people with some affiliation to one another.  The customer who use the lodge for wedding receptions will will typically use an approved caterer who may prepare and serve food in the on site inspected kitchen, or prepare the food off site and serve using the coffee bar on the main lodge floor.  A Bride and groom dressing room will be available for on-site weddings.  All lodge customers will typically require seating and tables. Tables and chairs for up to 125 people will be stored in the lodge level storage room, with additional tables and chairs for up to 250 stored on the ranch Market level.  The customer who is having a business meeting will require audio visual hookups as well as internet access through a wireless connection.  The customer who is having a party will typically need a band stand and dance floor.  All lodge customers will require accessible restrooms and drinking fountains.


  1. In the Bake Shop Enterprise when not in use for our own pie and jam making, we are offering small food preparers an inspected kitchen on a time-share basis to prepare food for sale to the public. A customer for the kitchen (tenant) will require a storage area for their personal equipment. The tenant will typically provide a lockable mobile rack (2.5ft x 4 ft x 6 ft) that will be stored in the pantry area located in the lower level. Cold storage and dry storage areas will be required.  When the kitchen tenant uses the facility they will need to send their rack up the supplied dumbwaiter to the main bake shop floor. The bake shop will have a propane cook top, a baking oven, a food preparation table, a ware washer, refrigeration and freezer, a mixer, a slicer, a steam jacketed kettle, and various kitchen appliances. The bake shop will be inspected by the health department for commercial use. The operators John and Cindy Mosbacher will be certified to meet California Uniform Retail Food Facility Law (CURFFL) requirements. Some typical kitchen tenant's products produced are Pastries, Tamales for a mobile food service truck, Food to be catered for both onsite and off site events, Wedding Cakes, Prepackaged dry goods such as cake and brownie mixes, candies, etc.


  1. In the Agricultural Homestay Enterprise we are offering small groups not to exceed 15 people an opportunity to experience farm life with an overnight stay at the farm. The customer for the agricultural home stay will require sleeping quarters, a bed, and a prepared meal included in the cost of the homestay.  The homestay enterprise will be used when larger events are not planned to be using the lodge facilities. 


  1. In the Artistic Enterprise we are offering the grounds surrounding our orchard and facilities as a venue for bird watchers, painting artists, photographers, etc.  The customer for the artistic enterprise will be provided with periodic sitting areas along a 1/2 mi hiking, walking and riding path. Each sitting area will be designed to highlight a feature of that site that might be of interest to the Bird Watcher, artist, photographer, etc. We will offer on a limited basis outdoor music events within the requirements of any county sound ordinances.  Picnic area #2 will include a large-scale photo back drop of western buildings.


  1. In the Community Service Non-Profit Enterprise we are offering our facilities for use by school groups for outdoor education, Boy and Girl Scouts, 4-H, sports banquets, service club dinners, farm bureau, farm trails, neighborhood meetings, charity events, etc

Our prices will be at the upper end for El Dorado county venues but not for the value- added quality we will be providing. 

Our prices will be determined by demand. Our pricing strategy will be to raise prices as demand grows rather than increase the number of events and tenants and risk diminishing the unique environment we are selling.